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The Ultimate Gaming Rig for Under $600

written by: Daniel Barros•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 6/8/2009

Wanting the best gaming rig for under $600. I will take you through all you need to buy in order to make the most amazing rig you've ever had on a reasonable budget. Find out our picks inside.

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    Rip-Offs and Knock-Offs

    It's the classic situation - you walk into Dell, Gateway, Best Buy, or Circuit City. The smooth talking salesman tells you that the cool new desktop you're looking at is the "Deal of the Century" and that it'll be a great computer and that you won't have to worry about slowdowns ever again. The reality cannot be further from the truth - the computer you buy from Best Buy, Dell or Circuit City will end up being a doorstop before you can contemplate just how much money you threw away buying it.

    Instead of doing that this holiday season, why not buy your own? I know it sounds adventurous, but if you follow my "Building the Perfect Gamer PC Guidelines", you should be able to successfully build your own desktop for a great bargain price - and even end up with a much better PC than you would've ended up with otherwise. That being said, let's talk about what you should buy vs. what you should already have.

    When I say that you can buy an amazing $600 PC, I assume that you already have a couple of things. Among these are a Desktop Case (and if you don't have one, it can be had for an additional $40 or so), a copy of Windows, and a printer (again, an extra $40).

    Other than those three things, this list will carry you home in terms of all you need for your computer.

    Without further ado, here are the picks for your $600 gaming rig that'll last you a good two years or so (The titles of the items will take you to the website where they are sold):

    Hard Drive

    Western Digital Caviar SE WD5000AAJS (500 Gb)



    Hanns-G HW-173DBB


    Power Supply

    Thermaltake TR2 W0070RUC (430W)


    Mouse + Keyboard

    Logitech EX 110



    Kingston 2 Gb Memory (Appropriately Slotted)



    Foxconn M7VMX-K LGA 775



    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600


    CPU Fan (Important for Heat Protection)

    Zalman CNPS9500


    Graphics Card

    MSI GeForce 9500


    And that's all you need. The Processor will require Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Grease to function properly.

    Also, please build your computer with care or get someone who knows how to do it - one small misstep could cause you to break these fragile components - especially while mounting a massive fan on the CPU. Build carefully and enjoy yourself this holiday season - you deserve these savings.