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Name that Computer Cable!

written by: Matt Conlon•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 10/19/2011

When you buy a new keyboard, do you know just by looking at it if it'll connect to your computer? When you call the helpdesk do you know where to find the cables they're asking about? Brush up on your computer skills by taking this computer cable quiz!

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    Are You a Computer Cable Guru?

    These days computer peripherals are becoming more numerous, yet most of them can be connected to the computer wirelessly. However, it wasn't log ago that behind the desk was a mass of interwoven spaghetti!

    Once the machine is all connected, most people don't care what the wires are. For an I.T. professional, it may not be such a big deal, but when you don't have to deal with these things for a living, it can be very daunting and when you're on the phone with the helpdesk, it makes a world of difference if you know what you're looking at.

    Do you consider yourself an authority on computer hardware? Test your knowledge of computer cables and prove it!

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    The Computer Cable Quiz


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