YouTube iPad Tutorials: Solving the Problem of “Can Not Get to Youtube on My Ipad”

Why Can’t I Get to Youtube on My iPad?

The sleek and sexy Apple's iPad was designed to be extremely fast and responsive to your fingers. As such, it does not support the Adobe flash player, as Apple is of the view that flash technology unduly slows down the performance of laptops and netbooks, and flash-based content consumes a lot of battery life. Apple is also concerned that flash could be vulnerable to virus attacks and malware. However, videos on YouTube are streamed through the Adobe Flash player. Without it, the videos cannot be played.

Solving the Problem of “Can Not Get to YouTube on The Ipad”

There are several ways to solve the common problem that frequently appears in the Apple discussion forums the world over, which is, "I can not get to YouTube on my iPad!" First, check your Internet connection. Check and see if the ISP that you are using has blocked the YouTube website. If your Internet connection is up, and the website is not blocked, the just follow these simple steps and you will find that you are able to play YouTube videos on your iPad.

According to Apple Support, the problem occurs because the iPad does not have the authentication tokens downloaded and installed during the initial setup. So, when you sync with iTunes, the tokens will be sent to your iPad, as retrieved from your Mac or computer. Take the following steps:

Step 1: Connect your iPad to your Mac.

Step 2: Open iTunes.

Step 3: Once the automatic sync of your iPad is done, go to the iTunes store.

Step 4: Access the iTunes store and browse around it for awhile. (You don't have to buy anything.)

Step 5: Exit and disconnect your iPad.

Note: iTunes 9.1 or later is required when using iPad.

You will be able to play Youtube videos on your iPad now. That's it. Really.

How to Watch YouTube on your iPad Without a Flash Player

There is good news for iPad users. YouTube is currently beta testing HTML5 based video player, that allows you to play the videos in the browser without the use of any proprietary technologies such as Adobe Flash Player. HTML-5 is a new open standard for web and includes support for video and audio playback. This means that users with an HTML5 compatible browser that supports audio and video codecs, can watch a video without a flash player. HTML5 compliant browsers include Google Chrome, Apple Safari 4 and Mozilla Firefox 3.5.

As such, the Apple iPad's Safari will automatically launch YouTube's beta HTML-5 videos in the YouTube application when you open them. However, it will take some time for all of the old videos on YouTube to switch over to HTML-5 videos, and at the moment, the HTML5 based video player still lacks many features of the flash player, such as the ability to put ads into the videos, dynamic video quality control and the ability to allow users to jump to specific points in a video.


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