Great Tablet PC Freeware for the iPad and Android Tablet Computers

Free Apps for the Apple iPad

Users of the Apple iPad are fortunate to have a wide variety of apps available for purcahse and free use. Applications that have met Apple's standards may be obtained for free through the iTunes Store. The following list of tablet PC freeware for the iPad will get you started with your new device. Feel free to try a few apps at a time or download the entire list and experiment.

News Apps:

Reading websites, articles and other materials through Safari soons becomes a tiresome experience. These specialized apps let readers read newspapers, magazines and other kinds of news in a more friendly and enjoyable way.

  • NYTimes App (Image Credit:

    NY Times: The NYTimes free app lets readers browse through the newspaper by section, read the latest news or simply look up the most popular news. The app also has the capability to email articles if you would like to share articles with your friends, family and co-workers. Users should be aware that ads appear when using the app.

  • HuffPost: Reading the Huffington Post through the HuffPost app is a pleasant experience. Sections displayed on the app include: Politics, Business, Media, Entertainment, Comedy, Sports, Style, World, Green, Food, Travel, Technology, Living, Health, Divorce, Arts, Books, Religious, Education, College, New York and more. The text size for each article can easily be made larger or smaller. Like the NY Times app, HuffPost also displays advertisements.
  • FT Mobile: The world's foremost business newspaper offers strong coverage of economic news in Europe and the United States. Users can read up to three free articles a month through the FT Mobile app; those who wish to read more must purchase a Financial Times subscription.

Entertainment Apps

There are so many freeware games available on the iPad, it is difficult to know where to start. iPad games exist that cater to every interest including puzzle solving, action and education.

  • Farm Story: Akin to Sim City, players build up farms, harvest crops and interact with their friends. If you enjoyed playing Farmville on Facebook, this might be just the game for you.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: This free game (a more advanced paid version is also available) is based on a wacky but very entertaining premise: defend your house against a horde of zombies with plants!
  • TapDefense: This free strategy game involves constructing a series of towers to protect your town. Several different scenarios and levels of difficulty are offered. TapDefense is also easily paused and it is a great game to play for a few minutes at a time.

Free Android Apps for Android Tablet PCs

Though Apple's iTunes Store has an impressive variety of free and paid apps, users of other devices should not despair. There is plenty of tablet PC freeware available for Android OS powered tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. As with the iPad list above, this section will consider a few reading apps that can be used on any Android OS tablet computer or mobile phone.

News Apps for Android Tablets:

These free apps are designed to process and display news articles, photos and other content from major publishers around the world.

Guardian Anywhere App Screenshot

  • Guardian Anywhere: This app lets you read one of the UK's best known newspapers easily. Like the NYTimes app discussed in the previous section, Guardian Anywhere has the functionality to share articles. There is also the option to download news content for offline reading later, but using this feature requires a wireless connection and patience.
  • Digg for Android: Digg offers news articles, Internet rumors and technology articles from around the Web. The Digg for Android app displays articles and lets users comment and vote on what they read. Unfortunately, the app does not include a search tool
  • NPR News: In contrast to the other news apps discussed in this article, NPR News is all about listening rather than reading. You can listen to more than six hundred NPR radio stations using this app. The major drawback to this radio app is that you may use a lot of data, so monitor your usage if you use apps like this often. There are also NPR news articles that can be read using this app.


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