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Top Five Hilarious iPad YouTube Spoofs

written by: Mike Piero•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 1/16/2011

Since the iPad was first released, comedians, talk show hosts, and amateur moviemakers have created an immense amount of spoofs and satires about the product. Ranging from poking fun at the device itself to how it has been described and marketed, the iPad remains at the locus of spoof entertainment.

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    ipad-kick-me-200x200 The iPad has created a storm of spoof videos that mock its missing features and practicality. Be aware that some of the following five iPad YouTube spoofs may be considered offensive, so viewer beware! Humor is relative, I suppose, but I think you'll enjoy these great YouTube Spoofs just as hundreds of thousands of others have! It's like Apple's attached a "kick me" sign to the back of their device!

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    Will It Blend?

    One of the most widely watched iPad spoof videos on YouTube has to be the "Will It Blend?" video in which the poster poses the question, "We've heard that the iPad will change your life, but will it change the way you blend?" An intriguing question, indeed! Notice at the end how the "scientist" says, "I think I'll use the iBlend button" just before flipping the switch. For the device that claims to have an app for everything, why wouldn't it have an app for putting the iPad in a blender? Question asked; question answered.

    Will It Blend?

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    Doritos Tablet

    This spoof pokes fun both at the absurdity of the device itself as well as how Apple presents all of their products as innovative and revolutionary. Much of what has been said about the iPad could equally be said about Doritos. As for me, I think that Doritos always makes a great supplement to the iPad, but not a replacement.

    Doritos Tablet

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    Hitler's Reaction to the iPad

    Like a virus, Hitler spoofs using a scene from Downfall where Hitler learns that they've lost the war have spread through YouTube quickly to mock a myriad of products and events. The iPad Hitler spoof is included on this list because it has to be one of the best; it targets many of the worst features of the iPad and captures it in a rage and intensity that perhaps only Hitler can embody. While one must remember that this is all done in comedy, it speaks to how many of Apple's fans are now beginning to feel: that their pal that gave them the iPod and iPhone are descending down a Microsoft-esque path of releasing unpolished or unneeded products.

    Hitler's Reaction to the iPad

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    iPad as Feminine Hygiene

    Many of the jokes surrounding the iPad mention, at least in passing, the name itself: iPad. The realization is that a "pad" so often conjures up images of feminine hygiene pads. Perhaps a name like iTablet would have been more pleasing.

    iPad as a Pad

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    Poor Grandma

    This YouTube Spoof began as a college assignment and has nearly 200,000 page views at the time this article was published. This spoof attacks the iPad from all angles, the core of which is the Grandma who just wants to interact with her grandkids. The iPad seems to offer no solutions for her.

    iPad Grandma Spoof

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