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Top 5 ASUS Laptop Carry Cases

written by: tanik•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 12/31/2010

Looking for an Asus laptop carry case? Check out here some of the best ASUS laptop cases that you will surely like to buy.

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    Mezzi M1 Molded Attache Laptop Case

    The MEZZI M1 Molded Attache Laptop case is a spacious laptop case, designed to accommodate laptops with up to 15 inchMEZZI M1 MOLDED ATTACHE LAPTOP CASE  screens. The case is very roomy and you can store a lot more than just a laptop.

    Constructed from tough sturdy aluminum, the case is ideal to carry an expensive ASUS laptop. Its highly protective shell is made specially to protect the laptop from bumps and shocks. The interior uses a trendy silver and orange color palette, along with holders and compartments. And the exterior features a chrome handle and a 3-digit central combination lock, giving you confidence that your laptop will remain safe and secure.

    The MEZZI M1 is a solid ASUS laptop carry case. It costs US $79.95, and can be ordered directly from the company website.

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    ASUS 17 inch Black Laptop Pin Carry Case

    This ASUS 17 inch Black laptop pin carry case carries and protects the laptop and accessories in style. Constructed with nylon andASUS 17 inch Black laptop pin carry case  a hi-grade imitation leather lining, the case lets you carry your 17" ASUS Laptop anywhere, safely and conveniently.

    The case features a padded shoulder strap, handles, and plenty of accessory pockets for pens, and business cards. It measures 18" x 14" x 1.5", incorporates a lightweight design for easy mobility, and heavy duty zipper.

    The case costs US $24.99, and comes with a bonus mouse pad.

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    Lexie Barnes Echo 13 Laptop Bag

    The Lexie Barnes Echo is a beautifully designed laptop bag for ladies’ use. The bag is fun looking, and available in three different The Lexie Barnes Echo bag exterior fabrics:

    • Baja – It has a black background, with grey and white flowers.
    • Viona - It has a green background with bright orange flowers
    • Bali Hai – This one has a blue background, with green, orange and yellow flowers.

    The bag has a shoulder strap, which is easy to adjust, and fits nicely. The carry handles are canvas based, making carrying and gripping easier and more comfortable. The bag also features an external zippered accessory pocket and a file pocket, but lacks interior pouches and pockets.

    The Lexie Barnes Echo laptop bag is lightweight, and suitable for 13-inch ASUS laptops. It is a casual style laptop bag, with a distinctive look. If it appeals to you, you can buy it online for US $99.0

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    Belkin 17 Inch Messenger Bag

    The Belkin 17-inch Messenger Bag has a large storage capacity, and is very protective for a 17-inch ASUS laptop. The bag is made ofBelkin 17 Inch Messenger Bag  high quality polyester fabric, which is weatherproof and durable.

    The bag consists of a fully padded compartment to hold the laptop, and keeps it safe and isolated from scratches and bumps. There is also a separate pouch inside for storing power cords and other accessories.

    The bag is available in two colors: chocolate/tourmaline, and jet/cabernet, and looks elegant with its contrasting texture and rounded shape. The Belkin 17-inch Messenger Bag costs US $19.74, and arrives with Belkin’s lifetime warranty.

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    Case Logic PNM 214 Laptop Messenger Bag

    The Case Logic PNM 214 Laptop Messenger Bag is made of tough nylon fabric and fits laptops up to 14 inches. It safely holds a laptop,Case Logic PNM 214 Laptop Messenger Bag  making sure the laptop remains shock and scratches free. The bag has a roomy storage underneath flap, and features a paddle shoulder strap, top carrying handles, a designated USB drive pocket, and pockets to hold your accessories.

    The Case Logic PNM 214 Laptop Messenger Bag is a great ASUS laptop carry case, with professionally-oriented materials and relaxed styling.

    The bag retails for US $ 28.79 on Amazon, and comes with a 25-year warranty.

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