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iPad Pricing in Canada

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 12/29/2010

Here is a look at the cost of an iPad in Canada, including a look at the iPad 3G carriers available.

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    Standard iPad Prices

    The standardized pricing that Apple has used for all of their devices has allowed for an easy breakdown for how much the new iPad costs, at least when you are looking at it from the U.S. market. When it comes to the international world, Apple sets prices for regions based on the estimated value of that country's currency in relation to the original U.S. price. This means that even in comparable markets such as Canada, you can expect the iPad prices to be on a somewhat different scale than is seen in the U.S. Apple Store. Here is a look at the iPad pricing in Canada that will be standard until the release of the iPad 2.

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    Canadian iPad Prices

    promo business 20101209 The iPad is based around two different formats: the Wi-Fi only models and the ones that also allow for a 3G connection. For each format there are three distinct iPad options based around different storage size.

    The most inexpensive iPad is the 16GB, Wi-Fi only model. In the U.S. market this costs $499, but in Canada this is going to cost $549 in the Canadian dollar. Just as with the U.S. pricing differential, the 32GB option costs $100 more at $649 and the large 64GB one is set at $749.

    The cost differential between the U.S. and Canadian costs for the Wi-Fi and 3G enabled iPads is exactly the same. For the base 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity the cost is going to be $679. The 32GB model then comes in at $779, and the most expensive model is the 64GB at $879 Canadian.

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    3G Service

    cto carrier logo bell While the price of the iPad in Canada is somewhat similar to the U.S. pricing, the 3G services are much different. There is a variety of iPad 3g carrier options - you can choose from Rogers, Bell, and Telus instead of just AT&T.

    Each of these carriers offers similar plans based on data usage in a specified period of time. Bell and Rogers both offer plans with a 250MB plan for $15.00 and a 5GB plan for $35.00, except the listing specifies that the Rogers plans are monthly and the cto carrier logo telus3 Bell plans cover thirty day increments. The Telus plan is the middle ground option with a 500MB limit for $20.00 per month. To get the service that you have specified for your iPad you will also have to purchase a micro SIM card specified for your carrier as an iPad accessory. This is only $0.20, but it will limit your options for switching carriers. These carriers as listed as being "contract-cto carrier logo rogers free," however, and both Bell and Rogers promise unlimited access to free Wi-Fi hotspots. This will lower the overall data usage that you have, but it is still unclear how many of these hotspots are available to users.

    Beyond the simple options that are listed directly with Apple, the carriers themselves have additional features that you can purchase at an additional fee. For example, Bell offers a $45 "per 30 day" plan that allows both for the 5GB data allowance and access to the Tablet TV service. To select your iPad 3G carrier you need to pile through the options that you will actually want, but currently the 5GB plan from Rogers continues to look like the best deal if you are going to be using a lot of internet focused iPad apps.