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The Best Car Racing Games for the iPad

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 12/29/2010

Quite amazingly, we've seen a good number of racing games come out for the iPad. And mind you, these games are from major developers and mostly are popular racing titles ported to the iPad. We've rounded up five of these best car racing games for iPad to help you decide which game to buy.

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    Need for Speed Shift

    need for speed shift What can we say? It's one of the most popular Need for Speed titles in the series, and one of the most enjoyable to play as well. For its iPad version, Need for Speed Shift has some exclusive features including 8 exclusive cars, stunning HD graphics, physics-based acceleration, and ultra-responsive manual controls. Need for Speed Shift could easily become our choice as the best car racing game for iPad.

    The game features 28 cars including the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Nissan GT-R and more. The game also lets you play with your friend via WiFi or Bluetooth. To start racing, you can either jump quickly to Quick Race or Career Mode and select 3 difficulty settings - Rookie, Pro or Veteran. (Price: $4.99)

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    Real Racing HD

    real racing hd Want a very realistic racing game to play on your iPad? Real Racing HD is your best bet. The game features 6 game modes - quick race, career mode, time trial, online league, local online and online multiplayer game mode. The tracks on this game are beautifully rendered and gives you a realistic racing experience. The game also lets you customize your car by selecting a control scheme, adjusting brake assist and auto-accelerate to suit your style. You can also select a different skin for your car or even use a photo in your photo album to cover your car. (Price: $9.99)

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    Shrek Kart HD

    shrek kart hd Whether you're a Shrek fan or just a racing game aficionado, this kart racing game featuring the famous Shrek will surely delight you. The game features 4 single player modes - single race, tournament, challenges and arena modes.You can also challenge your friends on the local multiplayer mode with up to six players via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for up to 2 players. The game also feature 19 cups in the Tournament mode and 72 challenges to conquer using 10 unique karts with the characters in the movie each getting their own car to drive. Each of these cars has special ability which you can use to your advantage. (Price: $4.99)

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    Asphalt 5 HD

    asphalt hd This iPad racing game puts you in control of 30 of the fastest and most prestigious cars that you could probably drive only in your dreams such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati. The game also lets you customize the interface of the car you will use to suit your driving style. Before you start racing, you can choose 3 control styles - accelerometer, touch screen or virtual steering wheel. One thing you'll appreciate about this iPad racing game is the detailed graphics and animation put into it by the game developers. Additionally, the game has 12 beautiful locations around the world such as Aspen, Las Vegas and more. (Price: $6.99)

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    Reckless Racing HD

    reckless racing This top-down dirt-road racing game features HD-quality graphics that look beautiful on the iPad screen. You'll skid, slip, and slide your way through well-designed racetracks via precise controls. The game feature 8 tracks with unlockable reverse modes making the total playable tracks to 16. You can also spice up the appearance of your vehicle with selected custom paint controls. Race your way through dirt roads via 3 game modes - dirt rally, hot lap time trial or delivery time trial and race against various characters such as Otis, Lurlene, Cletus, Floyd and Bubba. Best if all, you can also challenge other players via online multiplayer and a post your best time on the online leaderboards. (Price: $2.99)

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