Viruses, Worms, and Other Malware

Today’s dangerous computer viruses, worms, and malware can pose a serious security threat to a business computer network and infrastructure. Learn how to prevent viruses taking over your enterprise nework using the best tools available.

CA Internet Security Suite 2007 Review – Not Enough Bang for your Buck

With CA Internet Security Suite 2007, CA talks a good game by putting its proverbial money where its mouth is and backing this suite with $6,500 of insurance protection. But, where the rubber meets the road, CA Internet Security Suite 2007 leaves a lot to be desired and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Internet Security Suite 2007 – A Compelling Security Package for Your PC

McAfee Internet Security Suite 2007 has been revamped to keep up with the Jones’s (Microsoft and Symantec). New features include PC maintenance and data backup. Overall, Internet Security Suite provides a comprehensive collection of tools that is certainly worth looking into for protecting your PCs.