Viruses, Worms, and Other Malware

Today’s dangerous computer viruses, worms, and malware can pose a serious security threat to a business computer network and infrastructure. Learn how to prevent viruses taking over your enterprise nework using the best tools available.

Symantec’s Endpoint Protection for Small Business: A Review

Network endpoints like desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices interact with the network. Here, Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business, a product designed to harden all endpoints is reviewed. There are compatibility issues & a limited trial version, but we still give a thumbs up.

Read This AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition Review Before You Buy

This AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition Review looks at the primary features of the software package, considers its ease of use, evaluates pricing, and makes a recommendation to readers. Learn about what the program does and whether it will work for your needs.

BitDefender Security for File Servers: Review

BitDefender is a security software suite launched in 2001 by SOFTWIN. The 2010 version released in August 2009 includes several protection and performance enhancements. It has a strong consumer following because it provides depth and accuracy in antivirus technology.

What is Spyware and How it Affects Users

With every download you might make, there is a likely hood that you are buying someone a ticket to view whatever they might want to see, at your risk. Spyware helps hackers accomplish that and thank you so much for helping them dig your grave. What is Spyware? How does it effect you? Check it out

Small Business Internet Security: Go Virtual Using Trustware BufferZone 3.01

If the anti-virus software you had established on your systems is going to have its way and check for each program or file against its updated database — it is still firefighting. It isn’t pro-active defense. How are you going to combat ‘Unknown” security threats? Trustware Bufferzone helps.Read on