Physical Security Tips and Solutions

Although most people fully appreciate the need for security software and hardware solutions to protect business data, establishing a solid physical security plan is often downplayed or overlooked completely. Bright Hub’s talented security specialists offer tips and advice on how to beef up physical security for your business computing network with expert reviews on a wide range of biometric devices, identification access cards, and more. They also share their seasoned experience by providing specific tips and plans that will help keep your data safe from intruders and unauthorized company personnel.

Computer Physical Security Audit

Conducting a computer physical security audit is something that needs to be not only planned for but also carried out and adhered to. Understanding why it is important is a first step in getting the actual audit done.

Data Center Physical Security Checklist

Data centers continue to drive and dominate business operations. They house all of the relevant and imperative data for not just business operations but for continuity as well. Developing a Data Center Physical Security Checklist helps you understand where your center’s security is compromised.

Streamline Kiosk Operation with Autologon

Many organizations need shared workstations, kiosks providing general information to most or all its employees. The challenge is getting a network-connected computer to access resources without giving every employee a network login. Auto-logon can help.