Document Security

  • Basic Techniques to Protect Business Data

    Protecting data for your business is no easy task. Every company has problems when trying to protect their business data. Learn the basic steps and techniques needed to protect business data within...
    By Robert Faustus June 12, 2010 

  • How and Why to Encrypt Print Jobs

    In a networked environment, it is common for printers to be shared. Therefore print jobs are sent via networks in unencrypted format, making the contents easily readable by sniffer programs on the network. This article looks at the important security...
    By Karishma Sundaram May 18, 2010 

  • Email Security Policy and Procedure Manual

    With the proliferation of email security threats, whether it is malware transmitted through attachments or disclosure of confidential information, there is a need to define security policies for emails within an organizational environment.
    By Karishma Sundaram May 6, 2010 

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