Enterprise Security

Twenty years ago, if asked to describe a security team at a large corporation, one would likely conjure up images of guards staffing the front door and night watchmen walking the halls after closing. Today, a different security staff is devoted to protecting against threats streaming in through networks and mobile devices.The Enterprise security channel at BrightHub.com offers expert advice and information on a variety of IT-related issues including computer network and information security, as well as online privacy concerns. From the daily annoyances of spam, virus and malware protection to the growing threat of database hacking, large businesses are devoting large budgets to IT security.Managing Editor Michele McDonough and her team of technical writers offer up-to-date, expert advice and information on the increasing IT security concerns facing large businesses today. IT staff and security specialists are invited to join the discussion and voice your opinion in teh comments. Find the expert information you’re searching, and a community of security professionals at BrightHub.com.

10 Cyber Security Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are no less susceptible to cyber attacks than big companies, but typically have no personnel to help secure their business from these threats. This article will provide cyber security tips to help small business owners secure their businesses at a very minimal cost.

Vulnerability Scanning Methodologies

Vulnerability scanning methodologies provide IT security staff and administrators with ways to detect problems with a network before a malicious attack happens. Various types of scans and tools permit the administrator to know which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk to the environment.

How Do You Measure Security and the Cloud?

As the Internet has expanded to do more tasks than were ever envisioned, the latest manifestation is the Cloud. The “Cloud” is the Internet, but what makes it different is that Cloud services have a destination. You can store files or run programs. But recent events have made its security suspect.

Do Facebook Privacy Issues Put Your Business at Risk?

Over 350 million people and businesses use Facebook and other social media websites. Many of those people post information that might otherwise be considered private or confidential about themselves (and sometimes the places where they work). Do these employees place your business at risk?

Fundamental Principles of Information Security

How do you protect your systems and its contents? That’s where information security comes in. It is concerned about policies, strategies, procedures, tools and mechanisms to safeguard information and information systems from unauthorized access, alteration, theft or physical damage.

Instituting Strong Password Guidelines and Policies

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can break into your computer, your network or personal folder and view, steal or compromise your information. If Google or the Pentagon can get hacked, you, too, can be hacked. But you can prevent 80-90% of hackers from accessing your system if you follow some basic rules

Don’t Be a Victim of ATM Skimming

Card skimming is the stealing of ATM card information used in illegitimate and unauthorized transactions. The problem has affected banks and ATM card users because they failed to spot the ATM skimming device in an automated teller machine (ATM).

How to Erase Hard Drives Completely

Formatting a hard drive is not enough to secure business and customer information or prevent identify theft. It’s important to securely erase your hard drive to completely remove data and render it no longer recoverable.

How Secure Is a Smartphone?

The rapid proliferation of smartphones in the enterprise makes them an attractive target for hackers. E-mail, calendars and VPN access provide entry points into the corporate network. If you have to ask, “How secure is a smartphone,” you probably need to improve security.

How Cryptography Resolves E-Commerce Concerns

As more and more people rely on the Internet to shop and do business online, e-Commerce needs to be as safe and secure an environment as you would see in a store or at an office. Therefore, this article explains why encryption is a must for e-Commerce if it is to convince Web users that it is safe.

Best Practices for Identity and Access Management

A computer user’s access requires authentication and secrecy, right? So, to identify a user and to ensure a person is really the person that he or she claims to be, two-factor authentication must be practiced. This article explains what types of two-factor authentication options are available.

Preventing Breaches in Data Security

Breaches in data security are avoidable. Defense in depth is a key component in protecting the data of an organization. Perimeter security, internal security and training for all employees mitigate the risk of breaches in data security.