Enterprise Security

Twenty years ago, if asked to describe a security team at a large corporation, one would likely conjure up images of guards staffing the front door and night watchmen walking the halls after closing. Today, a different security staff is devoted to protecting against threats streaming in through networks and mobile devices.The Enterprise security channel at BrightHub.com offers expert advice and information on a variety of IT-related issues including computer network and information security, as well as online privacy concerns. From the daily annoyances of spam, virus and malware protection to the growing threat of database hacking, large businesses are devoting large budgets to IT security.Managing Editor Michele McDonough and her team of technical writers offer up-to-date, expert advice and information on the increasing IT security concerns facing large businesses today. IT staff and security specialists are invited to join the discussion and voice your opinion in teh comments. Find the expert information you’re searching, and a community of security professionals at BrightHub.com.

Review of CyberSitter 9.0

CYBERsitter is a well-respected, capable product within its category. It has been around for quite a while and does a fair job of blocking access to questionable websites. Upon close review I found some issues; it lags behind the competition in functionality.