Google Calendar: Using Labels and Color Coding

When you have several calendars, it’s easy to lose track of what appointments are on which calendars. That’s were labels and color coding come in. Using these two features will help you keep everything straight, no matter which calendar view you prefer

Google Calendar: Connecting to Public Calendars

With Google Calendar’s Public Calendar feature, you can follow just about anything. There are public calendars for tv shows, presidential candidates, software developer companies, and hundreds of other things. Just select the public calendar you want to subscribe to, and Google will do the rest.

Google Calendar: Using Mobile Features

An online calendar is useless if you can’t access it from where ever you happen to be. That’s why Google Calendar has SMS features,and is available from your mobile phone.

Google Calendar: Sharing Your Calendar

Soccer games, band concerts, and meetings have taken over our lives and, sometimes it’s tough to keep track of everyone and their activities. Calendar sharing makes it simple to keep on top of your game, and everyone else’s.

Google Calendar: Manage Your Time Better

Sometimes it is impossible to get, and stay, on track with our tasks and appointments. Google Calendar’s easy to use features makes it easy to see what’s coming up at a glance.Multiple calendars, 5 views, and even print abilities so you can take your customized calendar with you

Google Calendar: Setting up Notifications

How many times have you missed an important meeting or event because you forgot to set a reminder? Google Calendar makes it easy to receive email, pop-up or SMS reminders for every event in your calendar.You can also have your agenda emailed to you every morning. Never miss an event again.

Google Calendars and Mobile Setup Controls

With Calendars and Mobile Setup tabs, you control calendar sharing, notifications, SMS settings, for all your calendars quickly and easily. You can even delete and hide calendars with one click.

Customizing Calendar Settings

In today’s mobile world, the people you work with can be all over the place at any given time. And your schedule is probably pretty insane, too. Learn how to customize your Google Calendar so keeping up with your schedule and everyone else’s too, is a snap.

Google Calendar: Creating Multiple Calendars

Sometimes it’s useful to create more than one calendar to record appointments and activities. Creating multiple calendars allows you to track your personal and business tasks, and appointments for yourself or several family members, without having a cluttered, impossible to read mess. Google Calendar allows you to create and color code as many calendars as you need, and gives you the option to view only one, or them all, at one time.