Google Chrome and Memory Use

Google Chrome introduces a new approach to memory and system resource sharing. Learn how using dedicated memory and dedicated Javascript engines speed enhance your online experience and protect your computer.

Tracking Business Expenses with GoogleCalendar

Have you ever purchased business supplies and then forgotten to enter the amounts into your business ledger? How often have you looked at your business accounts and wondered what was bought with the funds used? Google Calendar and mobile features can help you keep better track of your business funds

Using Google Chrome

Chrome is the new streamlined web browser by Google. It’s uncluttered interface looks a bit different at first glance, but it’s packed with security and and common sense features that make it simple to use. No learning curve here.

Sharing A Document in Google Docs

You already know that Google Docs makes it easy to share documents from the main document page, but did you know Google gives you lots of ways to share a single document from the editing page?

Creating graphs in Google Spreadsheets

Many people find a bar or pie graph helpful in interpreting data. With Google Spreadsheets, you can add bar or pie graphs, and even scatter and line graphs with just a few clicks.

Sharing Spreadsheets in Google Docs

Google Docs has some cool sharing and communication features within its Spreadsheets program. Collaboration, viewing, auto publishing to the web, and in spreadsheet messaging make Spreadsheets the best program for anything you’d use a simple spreadsheet for.

Google Docs: Sharing Documents

Google docs makes collaborating on projects simple. With just a few clicks, you can share your document with the whole team. Collaborators can even work on projects at the same time, saving everyone time and effort. Whether you’re using Docs, Spreadsheets or Presenta

iGoogle: On Your Mobile Device

Having iGoogle on your mobile web browser is a great way to take the convenience of your Google Aps with you, where ever you go. With iGoogle’s mobile capabilities, you can keep your Gmail, and Docs, along with news reports, maps, and just about anything else you need, at your fingertips.

iGoogle: Customizing Your Pages

iGoogle makes it easy to fully customize your homepage. You can change themes, add gadgets, set language preferences, share tabs, and even change the page layout.

iGoogle: Adding Gadgets

Functionality is what it’s all about. With iGoogle gadgets, you can have email, jokes, weather, Bible verses, movie review, and even games right on your iGoogle desktop. There are hundreds of gadgets available, allowing you to do just about anything with your iGoogle page.

iGoogle: Creating Your Homepage

iGoogle is your one stop homepage for the web. Access all your Google services, RSS feeds, news feeds, bookmarks, maps, calendar information, to do list, and more, from one convenient location.