Download and Install Thunderbird Add-ons

Love Thunderbird email client, but need more than basic email? Thunderbird open source community has provided hundreds of add-ons. Whether you need scheduling and task management, just want to change the appearance of Thunderbird, or anything in between, there’s an add-on to give you what you need!

Installing Thunderbird On Ubuntu Hardy Heron

Thunderbird is a versatile and customizable email client available for Linux. Thunderbird gives the user as much control over the look, feel, and functionality as they want – with add-ons, plug-ins and themes developed by Mozilla and user developers. Learn how to download and install Thunderbird.

Project Management with Google Docs

Project tracking and management with Google Docs is easy. Just plan your project and enter the data in a spreadsheet. Then, share that spreadsheet with your project team. No need to email the team, Google Docs does that for you.

Using Google Desktop in Linux

Google Desktop for Linux is a great way to keep track of, and search your computer. Google’s indexing technology makes it easy to keep constant tabs on what’s on your system and where it’s located. Learn the basics of using Google Desktop.

How to Setup Google Desktop for Linux

Earlier you learned how to access the Preferences and configure Local Indexing and Gmail tabs. Now it’s time to learn about the Display and Other tabs, and how to customize the appearance of search results. Have you wondered how crashes are reported for this application? Find out here.

Setting Up Google Desktop in Linux

Now that you’ve installed Google Desktop for Linux, you need to set Preferences so it works the way you want it to. Learn how to configure Google Desktop to give you the information you need, when you need it. This is the second part in our series, Google Desktop for Linux.

How To Install Google Desktop For Linux

Have you ever misplaced a file on your computer? Google Desktop for Linux makes it easy to search your system fast. With indexing technology Desktop keeps an image of every file on your drive so you never lose an important file again.

Evolution for Ubuntu – an Overview

Evolution is a full featured email, scheduling and contact manager. It comes standard when you install Ubuntu Linux. Why should you use Evolution over other email applications? It’s simple, desktop integrated and open source.

What Does Ubuntu Mean?

Ubuntu has taken the Linux world by storm, and become one of the most popular Linux distributions. But, have you given any thought to the meaning of the word “Ubuntu”? How does the philosophy of Ubuntu apply to the product bearing the same name?

Learn How to Create and Use Forms in Google Spreadsheets.

Google Docs makes it easy to survey large groups of people. Create your survey, and then distribute it by email or Web. Google Docs automatically logs data into a spreadsheet. You can then easily track who has answered and what they’ve said. Optional fields ensure recipients can remain anonymous.

What is the Ubuntu Operating System?

According to DistroWatch, Ubuntu is the most popular Linux Distribution out there. Ubuntu boasts full functionality out of the box, frequent security updates, and ease of use. Find out why so many Linux users love Ubuntu

Adding Video With Google Presentations

Sometimes you need to add video to your slide presentation to clarify information, or show a real world example of the information you’re presenting. With Google Docs and You Tube adding video is easy. With a little imagination, you and even make your own video greetings.

Learn to Create and Add Themes to Google Presentations.

The most effective slide show presentations have a uniformed look and understated theme. With Google Presentations, it’s easy to create a professional-looking presentation theme. Choose from predefined themes, or create your own with just a few clicks.

Changing The Computer’s Name In Ubuntu

Did you know your computer has a name? Occasionally you may need to rename your computer for security or personal reasons. Ubuntu makes it easy to rename your computer, so you can spend more time doing creative things – Like choosing a name!

Use Goole Docs to Track Your Checkbook

Do you keep your checkbook records on computer? Ever wish you could access those records from anywhere? Now you can. Google Spreadsheets makes it easy to use a register template to track your checkbook, store it online and access it from anywhere