Christina Pomoni

Understanding the Risks of Day Trading

In spite of the risks of day trading, day traders are essentially keeping the financial markets efficient and liquid by capitalizing on small price movements in highly liquid securities. Day trading can be profitable provided it is exercised by traders with knowledge of the financial markets.

Understanding PEG Ratio in Stock Valuation

Understanding PEG ratio is of fundamental importance to investing. Depending on its value, PEG ratio provides relative stock valuation and, in spite of its shortcomings, it can help investors in effective investment decision-making.

What is a Mutual Fund Adjusted Net Asset Value?

Lacking the sharp fluctuation of stocks, the NAV of a mutual fund is adjusted at the end of each trading session to reflect the individual values of the securities in the fund. Also, NAV is adjusted to the dividend payout for accurately calculated returns, giving an investor a deeper look.

How To Interpret Cash Flow Statements

By integrating information from the other financial statements – the balance sheet and the income statement – cash flow statements disclose how a firm raises capital and how it spends funds during a given period. Let’s look at how to interpret cash flow statements.