Cayden Conor

Business Start-Up Costs: What You Should Plan For

Business start-up costs include licensing fees, inventory costs, and equipment costs. Before you start the business, even if you do not draft a business plan, you should outline the costs for start-up to ensure that you have enough operating capital to get to grand opening.

Guide to Opening a Niche Small Business

You may find opening a niche small business to be challenging because you must locate those who require your service or product. You need to reach out to a smaller population rather than just anyone. Here are important facts you need to know.

What Should Be Included in a Bare-Bones Budget?

You may have to pare down to a bare-bones budget if a two-income household loses one income from a job layoff, or if you are contemplating divorce. When you look at what you have, it may be difficult to determine what you should cut and what you shouldn’t cut.