Linda Richter

Guide to Performing a Liquidity Analysis

People go into business because they have an interest in producing a specific product or service. The last thing they want to do is wade their way through all kinds of financial ratios. The liquidity analysis is an important ratio for an owner to know about, and this guide will take you through it.

Are You One of the 5 Million Telecommuters?

Market research shows we can expect a curly upward spiral in the number of telecommuters and home-based workers. What are the reasons for this trend? Even more important, do you want to be among the 5 million people who are taking advantage of this cultural evolution?

Finding Great Serif Fonts for All Occasions

Do you know the difference between a serif font and a non-serif font? When you see little hooks on the bottoms and tops of letters, it’s a serif font. Times New Roman is probably the best known example. Learn where to find more fonts than you could ever imagine; each one here downloads for free!

A Guide to Careers in Desktop Publishing

Can you still make a career in desktop publishing? Maybe not if you expect to churn out the letterhead, logos, and the traditional four-color, glossy-paged brochures that used to be the meat and potatoes of the local printing shop. But as some doors close in this field, other doors are opening.

The Online Sales Tax: Legitimate or Boondoggle?

About half the states have joined a tax consortium in order to assess sales and use taxes on Internet and mail order purchases. Is there any real basis for such a move, or is this just another government boondoggle? Start reading to learn about the Main Street Fairness Act.

Resume Sins: What to Avoid on Your Resume

Some people do very good things when they’re putting their resumes together. Other people make mistakes that are just bad, and sometimes we do things that are downright ugly! If you want to dazzle people like the Man With No Name, then get out your word processor and fire off an effective resume.

The HR Manager’s Best-Ever Holiday Gift-Giving Policy

Do you even have a policy? Things can get sticky this time of the year, with many employees in favor of celebrating the end-of-year holidays, while others feel that such celebrations violate their civil rights. Whatever you do, the most important thing is to be consistent. Read on for ideas.

Answers to Commonly Asked Tax Questions

No matter what type of tax questions you have–common scenarios or something far out–we’ll try to have the answers at your fingertips. We all know how expensive it can be to have the wrong information! Take a look through these tax topics, and let us know what other questions you have.

Guide to Making New Employees Feel Like Part of the Team

Once you’ve made a job offer and completed the hiring process, the job of employee retention begins. Get advice here for introducing and onboarding new employees. Learn how to coach and mentor them and integrate them into company committees that harness their interest and input over the long term.