Ivy N. McQuain MBA

A Guide to Understanding Payroll Expenses and Legalities

Understanding payroll expenses and legalities can save you time, money and even criminal charges. When you have a business with employees, you have to always make sure you pay the required taxes, expenses and stay current on the legal requirements. This guide contains multiple articles on payroll.

Entrepreneurial Skills: A Collection of Tips and Advice

When you decide to become an entrepreneur your life changes or at least it should. In order to become a successful entrepreneur it is important that you develop your entrepreneurial skills through education, networking and research. We’ll show you how in this must-bookmark guide.

New Business? How to Check Company Name Availability

Ensuring that the name of your business is free to be used is one of the most important steps a business owner should take. Researching the availability of your business name will save you time, money and frustration, so be sure to have several options available to research.

Learn How to Qualify for Nonprofit Status

You have a nonprofit but you are not tax exempt nor do you have a nonprofit status. It is a lengthy but not a difficult process. Understanding the process for becoming a nonprofit will help with the future tax relief of your organization.

Careful! Drop Out of College and Loan Money Might be Due

It is possible that you have reached the end of your rope as far as your college career is concerned and you are ready to drop out of college. Before you let go and end your college career you should know that you may end up paying more for not completing your college education.

Discover College Loans for Part Time Study

You are ready to start your college career, but you can’t afford to go to school full-time. Your only option is becoming a part time student, but you don’t know the first thing about loans for part time college students. Fortunately, there are college loans for part time study.

Finding the Value of a Doctorate Degree in Business

With millions of Americans heading back to the classroom to obtain a higher degree, you may be wondering where you fight within your company. The power of a masters is decreasing but research is finding that the value of a doctorate degree in business. Learn about this option for education here.