Mayflor Markusic

How to measure biodiversity

Measuring biodiversity is a key step in preventing further loss of biodiversity. Unfortunately, the current procedures of measuring biodiversity are arduous and imprecise. Nevertheless, the importance of biodiversity could not be ignored and here are ways of measuring it at the species and ecosystem

Sample of Wedding Photography Contract or Agreement

Being a new wedding photographer can be tough because you will be working for friends and family who expected huge discounts but will not have any qualms in telling you about what’s wrong with the pictures you’ve taken. Take advantage of this baptism of fire and create a photography contract.

Types of Hereditary Deafness: Syndromic and NonSyndromic

The primary cause of hearing impairment can still be traced to genetics. The strange aspect of this fact is that a child may inherit deafness even when both parents suffered no hearing loss. This is due to the two types of hereditary deafness – syndromic and nonsyndromic.

How Genes and Gender Influence Dyslexia

Dyslexia can be viewed as an ongoing puzzle for scientists, psychologists, and educators. The causes of dyslexia do not seem to impair the cognitive capacities of dyslexic children and adults but they can negatively affect academic and work performance. Two pieces of the puzzle are genes and gender.