Tony Smejek

Vulcan Project – Map finds CO2 Hotspots in US

With CO2 emissions on the rise and concern about it continuing to rise in higher concentrations due to industry, scientists are coming up with ways to chart and pinpoint areas of the country that are contributing to CO2 emissions. This knowledge will help control and regulate CO2 emissions.

Changes in Land Use Model due to Biofuel Model

Biofuels, it’s an amazing source of alternative energy! However, production of this product does have it’s drawbacks and research into changes in land use due to biofuel model is being looked into. Hopefully, this research will help in keeping down usage of regular agricultural crops.

Biodiesel Process Safety Management

Biofuel is being looked into to as a possible alternate source of regular petroleum. In the production of this product, however, there are concerns about safety issues. ‘Biodiesel process safety management’ is the formal term for implementing safety procedures.

A Look at Desiccant Dehumidification Energy Savings

Would you like the air at your business or place of work to be even drier? Would it be in your best interest to save on energy costs for your company? How about reducing condensation and moisture in your buildings, but have your air conditioners work less? The answer is desiccant dehumidification!

Ideas for Pet Safe Ant Repellent

It’s early in the morning and you go to turn on the light in your bathroom, and you see movement in the corner where the window meets the wall. Though organized into a nice straight line, you see marching ants going in and out of a crevice at your window sill. Do you have a pet safe ant repellent?

German Synthetic Oil and Fuel of World War II

The German War Machine, like any machine, needed fuel to keep it running, but since the need for oil made it necessary for mobilization, Germany came up with a method to synthesize oil from coal. How did it work, and is the process efficient for use today?

Control Grasshoppers Naturally

Grasshoppers, though harmless to watch or even handle, can have detrimental effects on crops and other vegetation. In large numbers, these pests can ruin crops immediately. Of course farmers and other agricultural personnel use pesticides to rid themselves of this problem.