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Man In Space – A Spacewalk Image Gallery

One of the most exiting activities of spaceflight have occurred when astronauts and cosmonauts left their spacecraft and floated free in space. The early spacewalks or Extra Vehicehicular Activities (EVA) were done to learn if man could function free in space. Later he built and repaired structures.

A Gallery of Amazing Deep Space Images

The Hubble Space Telescope has given us spectacular images of deep space objects that not only have expanded our knowledge of the Universe but shown us its beauty. Here are a few of the most spectacular deep space images HST has given us.

Images From Mars From NASA’s Rover Opportunity

NASA’s twin rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, were slated for a three month life. Both far exceeded that. Spirit is now dead but Opportunity continues its trek of exploration over Mars since 2004. The images it continues to return are staggering.

Spacecraft in Pictures

The Space Age has given us some of the most exciting images in history. Rockets blasting off, spacecraft landing, images from other worlds. Here are a collection of some spacecraft in pictures that excited the world.

Destination Jupiter! The New Jupiter Probe

On August 5, Juno began a five year flight to Jupiter. On arrival, it will spend a year making measurements of the gas giant’s magnetic, gravity and radiation fields. It will measure the water in the atmosphere and other atmospheric components. The goal—is our theory of planet formation correct?

Active Galaxy Types–A Mystery Solved?

In the Universe there are galaxies whose central core—their nuclei—are exploding. Not in a destructive blast, but in a continuous stream of various kinds of radiation sent into space over millions of years. Some is visible, some in other parts of the spectrum. These are known as active galaxies.

New Milky Way Satellite Galaxies Mostly Dark Matter

Astronomers have found 12 new satellite galaxies surrounding the Milky Way. That is a major finding, but more importantly, these small galaxies are unique. They primarily consist of dark matter. And, that changes our concept of how galaxies were created. Did dark matter create galaxies?

Solar Probe Plus Will Delve Into Coronal Mysteries

NASA’s Solar Probe Plus will become the first spacecraft to plunge into the Sun. It won’t enter the Sun’s surface, but its strange outer atmosphere, the corona, where the temperature is millions of degrees and the solar wind is accelerated to supersonic speeds. Perhaps Plus will tell us why.

Sounding Rockets Aid Atmospheric, Space Research

Sounding rockets are used to measure the properties of the upper atmosphere as well as to take ‘snapshots’ of phenomena in outer space. These rockets simply fly straight up, then fall back to Earth. But in doing so they give us much data on mysteries in and above the atmosphere.

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Finding the Best Investment Coins

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All About Satellite Reaction Wheels

In science fiction’s golden era, giant spaceships were maneuvered with massive gyroscopes. Attached to the ship, when a force was applied, the precession of the gyroscope was transferred to the ship, causing it to rotate in pitch, yaw and roll. That concept has become a reality with reaction wheels.

Astronomers’ Gamma Ray View of the Universe

Astronomers have recently gotten a new view of the Universe—with gamma rays. Seen in this way, the Universe is a different place than the visual Universe we see with our eyes. There are structures and formations that are unseen normally. The gamma ray universe is strange indeed.

Rotation and Power of Pulsars and the Accretion Disks

Pulsars are like cosmic lighthouses. They send out powerful radio frequency beams—sometimes even light—at such regular intervals they could be used to regulate our clocks. These beams are powerful. The rotation and power of pulsars come from their incredible gravity and magnetic field.

Superfluids May Reside in Neutron Stars

Neutron stars are strange creatures. One teaspoon weighs a billion tons. Now, the Chandra X-Ray telescope has discovered they are even more weird. It appears that in their center they are liquid. Not a liquid as we know it, but a superfluid—with superconductivity and no viscosity.

Interesting Information About NASA’s Curiosity Rover

NASA’s new Mars Rover is bigger, stronger, faster, better (as the intro to the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ went) than those now on the red planet. In fact, it will be more curious, as well. Its name is Curiosity. It is now on its way to search for signs of life.

Dark Matter Found? About Sterile Neutrinos

Physicists believe they may have found the culprit that produces the phenomena we ascribe to Dark Matter. It’s not proven yet, but the evidence is growing. The culprit is a fourth type of neutrino. This fourth is called a ‘sterile neutrino’ because it is not affected by the weak force.