William Springer

Bringing in Traffic: a Google Adwords Guide

If you use the web, you’re familiar with the advertising that Google places on both their website and many others. But have you ever considered placing your own ads to draw traffic to your site? We show you how.

The Complete Amazon Kindle User’s Guide

Once you’ve decided that you need an e-reader, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices – there are a lot of them! The Kindle alone has had nearly a dozen different options. From the technology behind the popular e-reader to helpful tips on how to use the device, here’s a guide to the Amazon Kindle.

More than Search & Gmail: Other Useful Google Tools

Google’s idea of a beta is everyone else’s idea of a finished product; as a result, many great new products hang around in the shadows for years before making it out to the mass market. What are some useful tools that you should be using, but aren’t?