Options for Financing a Land Purchase

People purchase land for a number of reasons. Some people like the investment potential that it offers. Others want to build a custom home instead of buying a cookie cutter home in a subdivision. Whatever the reason, financing a land purchase doesn’t need to be confusing.

What is the Tax Credit For the Elderly? Tax Help

Everyone has seen the question on the top of the tax forms that asks if you are over the age or disabled. However, have you ever wondered why it’s there, or what it means? Let us examine the tax credit available to the elderly and the disabled to reduce the amount of tax owed.

Why Checking Your Credit Report is Important

As an adult, your credit report is one of the most important pieces of personal information you can have. You can’t buy a home or a car without it. Staying on top of your credit report will ensure that mistakes are fixed promptly, and that you will be in the best position possible.