Wendy Finn

Top Five Entrepreneur Apps on iPhone

Entrepreneurs need to be extremely organized in order to be successful, on-the-ball and know their field. Your iPhone not only keeps you in touch with the office when you are out and about but means that your productivity doesn’t have to slow down either. In fact many of these apps can improve it!

Top Five iPhone Apps for Tween Boys: Parent Approved

Much like buying a tween boy socks at Christmas, most app lists that you’ll find with choices for them will contain a lot of apps that fit a stereotype rather than apps that a tween boy might actually use. Our top five list has something for all tween boys and will keep parents happy too.

Top Five Tween Girl Apps That Even Parents Will Love

Who says tween girls are difficult? There are a lot of apps that promise to be for tweens, but that just don’t hit the right note. Then there are those that are just plain garbage. You’re right it is difficult! Never fear though, parents of tween girls, as I have the perfect solutions.

Feeling Crafty? Top Five Craft Apps on iPhone

Crafting is a very popular pastime, and now we have digital tech to help us in our quest to achieve the perfect finished article. Maybe you are a cardmaker or scrapbooker, or perhaps you prefer crochet, knitting or quilting? Whatever your craft of choice prepare to meet your perfect app companion.

Shake it Up! Top Five iPhone Cocktail and Mixology Apps

If you want to host a night to remember then why not mix things up and get some cocktails on the go? You don’t have to have a lot of knowhow, in fact you can even use whatever you happen to have in your drinks cabinet. Use any of these top iPhone mixology apps to make the party swing.

Top Five Must-Have BlackBerry Apps for Parents

There’s nothing parents do better than worry about our kids. No matter what their age, from toddler to teen they will always be a worry. Here we’ve sought out the best BlackBerry apps to keep parents content — or at least less worried. Find where your kids are, treat common ailments and more.

Top Ten BlackBerry Photography Apps

It seems from the vast array of photography apps on the BlackBerry App World, BB users are fond of their cameras. The problem is finding the ones that are worth your time and money. Fear not, as we’ve done the hard work for you — rounding up the top ten apps that are worthy of you.

Hidden Messages in Designs: An Idea Set to Continue?

Whether you’ve noticed them or not, hidden elements in designs are all around us. The world of logos especially is set to incorporate ever more original ideas to push company images to the fore. Is this an idea that is set to grow? Should you jump on the bandwagon? Of course — it’s going to be big!

Top Five Apps to Save Money with BlackBerry

We all want to save money where we can, so rather than your smartphone costing you money each month, why not use it to help you to save money. No matter where you want to cut back — shopping, parking, dining out, or creating a budget — we have some great ways to save money with your BlackBerry.

Expanding Your Hobby Into a Business: Is It a Good Idea?

While there are perks in turning your hobby into a business, it’s not a surefire way to success. Much like thinking a vacation spot would be the perfect place to live, the reality is often different. To achieve any degree of success, you have to throw that “hobby” label out – it’s time to work!