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Twitter Statistics of Top Celebs in the Community

Twitter statistics reveal that the popularity levels of celebrities are determined by the number of followers and frequency of tweeting. The Twitter saga had begun about 5 years ago, and today Twitter is one amongst the top 10 most-visited websites in the world.

Should You Use XHTML for Email Newsletters?

There are many pros and cons associated with usage of XHTML, so it’s not an easy call to decide if you should use XHTML for email newsletters or not. Basically, decision depends upon several factors such as the kind of browser settings your intended receivers have.

Discover How Internet Traffic is Routed

Internet traffic routing process has become quite topsy-turvy ever since it was reported that internet traffic was routed via Chinese servers on April 8, 2009, making it a bigger puzzle than ever before. So let’s see how exactly online traffic is routed sequentially.

What Is The Best Mic Preamp?

There are several mic preamps available in the market today with a good design and sound quality; there is a huge difference in their efficiency based on the price. This post covers five of the best mic preamps for under $500.

Best Aiptek Video Editing Software

Video editing software is greatly useful for editing the video series on a computer effortlessly. There are several programs available for editing videos today, and this post presents an insight to the top 5 Aiptek video editing software options.

Best Microphones Reviewed

The performance of microphones depends up on the quality of sound, voice and their portability. Based on these parameters, the best microphones in the market can be identified easily. Reviewing the best microphones, let’s see what the various contenders have got to offer, and how much they cost.

What a MIDI Controller Is and How It Works

Wondering what a MIDI controller is? Well, MIDI is nothing but a set of instructions; this data includes a listing of messages or events that intimate electronic equipment about how to produce sound; here’s an insight to these cool controllers, and how MIDI controllers work.

Hamilton Espresso Machines Rated Best

In this article, we’re rating espresso machines from the house of Hamilton, on the basis of several parameters such as efficiency, ease of usage, overall utility, looks, and of course pricing. So, here are five cool espresso machines rated in order of their overall performance.