Vicki Perry

Planning & Writing the College Admissions Essay

Many applicants become nervous when considering the admissions essay. After all, it does play a large part in the admission process. Writing it does not have to be stressful! Just keep the following guidelines in mind.

Biographies of Famous Photographers

Throughout time, photographers have caught people and events on camera to let us relive that moment in our history. With these photos, we can study, remember and visualize what the era was like, where we were and what we need to change. Biographies of such photographers are listed here.

25 Movies That Changed The World

At least one movie has affected every one of us in our lifetime. Covered here are 25 of the all time best movies that have changed the world in one way or another. See if your list matches ours.

Image Gallery of Sunrises and Sunsets

There is nothing more beautiful than the brilliant oranges, pinks, and yellow hues in sunrises and sunsets. In this image gallery, sunrises and sunsets come to life through the artwork of Scott Thadd Grant. Scott gives us beautiful imagery along with tips, hints and suggestions.

Image Gallery of Autumn Photography

Enjoy this image gallery of autumn photography, fall leaves and the beauty of the season while learning some tips on improving your own photography. Nature provides the canvas, the camera paints the picture to capture the moment forever.

Oceans of the World – An Environmental Guide

Dive deep into the world’s oceans for an underwater exploration of the planet’s marine environment. From the Arctic to the Antarctic this environmental guide is a voyage of discovery that takes in oceanic flora and fauna, and includes a health check of the world’s oceans.

Sites for Free Photoshop Digital Backgrounds: Review

When setting up a website or just putting together a scrapbook, digital backgrounds add the flair to set off pictures and text in our work. The top three websites for downloading free digital backgrounds from water to concrete are reviewed to help get you started with your next project.

Gulf of Mexco Coastline Ecosystem

The Gulf of Mexico coastal ecosystems are challenged with numerous threats. Changing climate conditions and the growing population and activities of humans in the area pose threats for many reasons. What will eventually happen to the gulf life if this continues?

Animal Changes in Autumn – Preparing for Winter

Nature has a way of watching out for animals in the wild. They undergo a series of changes to endure colder weather and to be able to go without food for longer periods of time. Have you watched the animal changes during autumn months? What changes do the animals in the wild go through?

Can You Grind Grain With a DIY Grain Mill?

Freshly baked loaves of homemade bread from the oven gives your home an aroma that can’t be beat. Spending time making the bread is worth every minute when you are finally able to bite into that first piece, butter oozing off the sides. Make bread better when you grind your own flour too!

All About the West African Dwarf Crocodile

Deep in the swampy forests of West Africa, lies the dwarf crocodile, a miniature version of their large crocodile relatives. The crocodiles are so tiny they are not hunted for their skin, but for food. This has resulted in fewer of them remaining in their natural habitat. Will they become extinct?

The 3 Major Landforms in China

From the Gobi desert to the highest point of Mount Everest in the Himalaya’s, China is a beautiful country. The various landform types of China contribute to the natural beauty, with three in particular making up some of the most breathtaking views.

Understanding the Fauna of the Pacific Ocean

There is a huge array of fauna living in the Pacific Ocean today. From plankton to fish to mammals and birds, these species all coexist together in the great ocean deep. How, though, are they being affected by the ways of the ocean and the environment that surrounds them?

The Geological Formation of the Niagara Gorge

The entire Great Lakes Basin and the Niagara River are part of the Ice Age. This “fossil water” is less than one percent renewed water on an annual basis; the rest is leftover from the ice sheets that constructed the Great Lakes. How was this amazing area formed?

How Are Sea Stacks Formed?

Huge columns of rock jut out of the ocean, close to shore. What are they? These pillars of stacked rock are known as sea stacks. What are the most famous of the sea stacks around the world? How many will be around in years to come?