Ian Johnson

Business to Business Sales Negotiation Tactics

When companies look to improve their sales negotiation tactics, it often involves sticking to simple approaches and doing away with those strong-armed and demonstrative negotiation approaches. Make sure your next negotiation is a free exchange of ideas and proposals.

How to Perform the Return on Assets Analysis

What exactly is involved in performing a return on assets analysis? It involves taking the company’s net income and dividing it by the company’s assets. The resulting ROA analysis figure can then be used to derive additional revenue from the company’s assets.

LIFO’s Oudated Approach

LIFO’s outdated approach has opened the door to more and more companies using either FIFO (First In First Out) or average cost inventory valuation methods. Overall, any short-term gains with LIFO are easily eliminated when companies are then forced to liquidate their old inventory.

Important Steps to Improving Cash Flow

Improving cash flow is a concern all businesses have. However, as frustrating as it might be, there are some straightforward approaches that companies can use to alleviate the issues of an uneven revenue stream.

Essential Steps to Determining Customer Costs

Every company has some customer costs. These costs involve the time it takes to locate and retain customers. The cost of a customer is one of the most important aspects of business growth. Lowering those costs will improve opportunities for growth and increase gross profit.

Determining Risks in Supply Chain Management

There are several risks to running a supply chain. However, a number of companies are either unaware of these risks, ignore them completely, or believe they aren’t serious. There is more to running an efficient supply chain than concentrating on the lowest possible price!