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Telecommute Benefits – The IRS and Commuter Benefits

The IRS has written tax codes that offer employers incentives to offer their employees Commuter Benefits. These benefits include incentives, cash for trying a commute alternative, as well as tax-free and pre-tax commute expense options. Some Commutities are utilizing this code to help commuters too!

Telecommuting – Key Mindsets You Should Have as a Telecommuter

Telecommuting success starts with the right attitude. Like any successful working arrangement, you have to be serious about succeeding, and plan for the ultimate achievement of that goal. Telecommuting statistics show that most efficient and productive telecommuters are visible and task oriented.

Telecommuting – Avoiding Bad Habits

Telecommuters, consultants, and freelancers all face the same temptations – the trick is to be aware of these temptations and develop good habits instead. Set yourself up for success by heading off these habits, and starting your own positive, productive and motivating habits instead!