Ginny Edwards

Criteria for Assessing SRI Bond Funds

Bonds should be a part of any investor’s portfolio and investors have a lot of choices today with specialty bond funds, such as SRIs. However, does an investor have to forsake good returns to invest with their conscience? Here is a set of criteria to evaluate current SRI bond funds on all fronts.

How Much Stock Does an Average American Own?

While equities have outperformed every investment class over time, many Americans are passing up equities in favor of bonds and real estate. Here we look at some recent trends in stock ownership in America and the profile of the typical stock owner.

Stress Management Questionnaires – Free Online Resources

Stress is an integral part of our lives. You can’t avoid it, but you can learn how to manage it so that it won’t destroy your health or sabotage your happiness. Are you managing stress effectively? Find out the answer with these stress management questionnaires to gauge your current stress level.

The Best Free Countdown Timers for Managing Your Time

Countdown timers are often used to improve efficiency by helping individuals and teams to gain greater control over their time while ensuring that project planning and meetings stay on track. So set your watches for two minutes and begin reading about the best ones available on the web.

How to Setup MS Excel Time Tracking for Your Home Office

Anyone with a home office knows that budgeting time is critical to the success of the business and in maintaining a balanced healthy personal life. You can use MS Excel time tracking to keep an employee time card, calculate billable hours, create invoices, and analyze how you spend your time.

About Profits and Risks in Investing

To maximize gains, investors need to remember to take profits and diversify and sell into rallies to reduce risks. But why do investors often fail to follow this advice? The problem may be how people define their profits and risks in investing which can stand in their way to successful trading.

Sample Flextime Proposal for the Employer

Organizations are notorious for resisting change, so in order to convince the boss to implement a new flextime policy, you will need a convincing and solid proposal. Here is a sample flextime proposal for the employer that will get his or her attention.

What to Expect When You Sign Up with Google Voice

Google Voice is Google’s answer for helping busy people manage and streamline their calls, voice mails, and text messages into one convenient location. Here’s a preview of the sign up process and the choices you will be offered during the registration process.