Tara M. Walsh

Using the Picture Toolbar in Word

Many basic desktop publishing projects, like flyers, newsletters, and simple brochures can be created in MS Word. But when it comes to working with images in Word, your patience can be tested. This series offers the basics on working with images in Word, starting with a look at the Picture Toolbar.

Publisher’s Best Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re starting a desktop publishing business, any productivity boost helps. If you’re a home publisher, perhaps you’d just like to work more efficiently on projects. One of the most useful things you can do is to learn your program’s keyboard shortcuts. Here are Publisher’s keyboard shortcuts.

Tips for Choosing the Right Online Graphics Design School

Whether you are a graphic design pro looking to take some online classes to stay current on what’s hip, or you have decided to pursue a career in graphic design and are looking for an online school, it pays to do a little homework. Here are five tips to help you choose the best school for you.

Best Illustration Programs for Page Layout:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FreeHand MX, and CorelDRAW are three illustration programs you can use for page layout. These drawing programs may be used more often by professional desktop publishers, but if you have access to any of them, you have a great page layout application at your fingertips

The Best Page Layout Software for Small Businesses

This series on the Best Desktop Publishing Tools will help you make the right choices for your DTP needs. And because this channel’s focus is on small office/home office (SOHO) desktop publishing, it is fitting to launch the series with a look at the best page layout programs for small businesses.