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Information on Lercanidipine

According to, lercanidipine is used for high blood pressure or hypertension. This drug is licensed to Forest Laboratories, and is approved for use in 92 countries. Other names for lercanidipine include lastolic and zanidip.

Facts About Tizanidine HCL

According to Tizanidine HCL is also known as Zanaflex. This medication is used to treat tightness of the muscles as well as cramping and spasms associated with multiple sclerosis.

Facts on Metolazone

Metolazone is a diuretic or water pill according to AOL Health. It is known under brand names as Mykrox and Zaroxolyn, and is used to rid the body of excess water that is carried in the system.

Facts on Paricalcitol

Paricalcitol is also known by the brand name Zemplar, and is used to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism that is commonly found with CKD or chronic kidney disease, according to

Facts on Butalbital Compound

Butalbital compound is sold under the brand names Fiorinal and Fiormor with Codeine. This is an oral capsule that contains aspirin, caffeine, butalbital and codeine phosphates.

Facts on Ethosuximide

According to Aol Health ethosuximide is also known as Zarontin. This medication is used to treat seizures and should not be abruptly stopped for any reason without a physician’s order.

EMT: A Great Medical Career

When deciding to choose a medical career as an EMT, there is really no other field that offers all of the benefits of the adrenalin rush of an emergency with little to no follow up required.