Tricia Goss

Learn How to Use Outlook Voting Buttons

You may not be familiar with Outlook voting, but this feature allows you to poll coworkers or other recipients and decide anything from meeting times to where to go for lunch. Outlook will even keep track of the votes for you.

Save Excel Charts and Objects as Pictures

With Microsoft Excel you can create lists, databases, and eye-catching charts. You may not realize that you can save these and other Excel objects as images.You can then insert these images into your email messages, PowerPoint presentations, and Word documents.

How to Create a Template in Microsoft Word

You might know that a Word template can define things such as the default font style, size and color, headers and footers, margins, columns and more. But did you know that you can create a template that has the exact features you need?

How to Make Flyers in Word

How to Make Flyers in Word

A flyer is an affordable way to advertise, promote or announce something to numerous people, especially if you make it yourself. Learn how to make a great looking flyer using Microsoft Word.