Hannah Whiteoak

Introducing the Space Based Surveillance System (SBSS)

Work is currently underway to construct a space surveillance and tracking system that will keep watch over objects in orbit around the Earth. This project, known as the Space Based Surveillance System (SBSS), is designed to protect satellites from damage by space debris – or from military attack.

Learn About Australian Aboriginal Astronomy

The Australian Aboriginal people have a relationship with astronomy that stretches back through many generations. Read on to discover the meaning that astronomy has for the Aboriginal people, how it effects their way of life, and how their stories and traditions give meaning to the night sky.

Calculus and Astronomy: How do they Relate?

Calculus is used in all areas of physics – and astronomy is no exception. Astronomers regularly use calculus to study the motions of planets, meteorites and spaceships. Read on to see examples of how calculus is used in astronomy.