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Jazz Band Business Card Templates For All Musicians

Music, as a profession, is known for being intensely competitive. As a performing artist, you need to be promoting yourself at all times. Whether you play the standards or modern material, these jazz band business card templates will help you in your quest for getting the serious gigs.

The iPad Remote App for iTunes

Imagine having your entire music and movie library immediately available for your enjoyment from anywhere in your home. With Apple’s free Remote app, you can turn your iPad into a single control for media playback and volume adjustment across your home Wi-Fi network.

Color Symbolism – The Meaning of Colors

Every color in the visible spectrum has symbolic meaning. There are certain qualities associated with specific colors, and understanding them will ensure that the colors you choose are consistent with the message you want to convey. Here is a list of colors and what they communicate.

When To Use An Apostrophe

The apostrophe is among the most misused punctuation symbols in the English language, particularly with the letter S. If you’re unsure of when to use an apostrophe, you only need to commit to memory a few basic rules, which are explained here, to get it right and avoid common mistakes.

Choosing the Best Video Capture Card

Buying a video capture card can be something of a challenge as video standards are as widely varied as the hardware and software used to support them. Fortunately, capturing and converting video can be simplified for those in need of a basic, workable sol

How Do I Recover Data From A Crashed Hard Drive?

To paraphrase the advice of a former professor, if you only have a single copy of a particular file, that file is ‘doomed.’ If the unthinkable has occurred, and you find yourself asking, “How do I recover data from a crashed hard drive?” you’ll find a workable solution here.

Smart Card Technology Pros And Cons

As with all information technology, the smart card is a double-edged sword containing inherent properties that some view as a cause for concern. But does the bad actually outweigh the good? Let’s take a look at smart card technology pros and cons.

Microsoft Word Postcard Template Downloads

Get your message across with this selection of Microsoft Word postcard template downloads. Here you’ll find free, high quality choices in layouts and styles suitable for a wide range of purposes, from invitations to business promotions. You’re likely to f

Simple Steps To Erasing A Hard Drive

In this age of rampant data theft, the last thing any of us needs is our sensitive information lingering on unused storage media. Learning how to erase a hard drive securely is a crucial step in protecting yourself against identity theft and other forms of cybercrime. This guide will show you how.

Available Laptops In Different Colors

Performance is a priority when choosing a new laptop, but you should also be happy with how it looks. There’s certainly no need to settle for a standard, ordinary design. In addition to customization options, here you can find a variety of laptops in different colors available from major brands.

Video Card Buying Guide

You’ve decided it’s time to buy a new video card. The main question, of course, is how to get the right card for your needs, as well as your system, without spending more than you have to. This guide to buying video cards will help you through the process by covering the main issues involved.

Advice on Making a Hit Counter in Microsoft Word

This is a confusing topic that requires some explanation. Apparently, the ability of MS Word to save a document as a web page can give novice users the impression that it’s practical to use Word to make websites and track visits. The issue is clarified and better solutions are provided here.

Creator of Microsoft Outlook Invented Original Software

The history of Microsoft Outlook spans over two decades. The familiar email and personal information management component of Microsoft Office started out with a different structure, a different name, and even a different company! So who is the creator of Microsoft Outlook? The answer is here!

Intel CPU Processor Identification

If you need to get the specifications for an Intel processor, there are a few powerful profiling applications that provide detailed information. Here we’ll take a look at two of them, the Intel processor identification utility and CPU-Z, as well as Intel’s online documentation.

The Difference Between RAM and Hard Drive Functions

If you’re new to computer hardware or are seeking a general understanding of how computers function, knowing the essential roles of hard drives and RAM memory is fundamental. From a conceptual point of view, they are easy to distinguish from one another. This plain language guide will fill you in.

Do Too Many Icons On Your Desktop Slow Down Your Computer?

If you suspect that having too many icons on your desktop is causing your computer to perform slower, you may be right. However, it’s not just the number of icons, but how they are displayed and what they represent in terms of files and folders – a lot of little things adding up to a big difference.

Free Adobe Reader Windows

Adobe Reader’s PDF format is the de-facto standard for Internet documents. Since becoming an open standard in 2008, the means of producing and viewing PDF files have expanded, which is fortunate, as Adobe Reader is known to be slow and bulky. Faster, more lightweight alternatives are described here.