Tim Plaehn

Trading: How to Short the Bond Market

Short selling the bond market produces trading profits if bond prices decline. The steps for how to short the bond market require an understanding of bond prices, interest rate relationship and which securities to use to short bonds.

Airplanes: High Wing Aircraft

The topic of low wing vs. high wing aircraft always starts a heated debated amongst pilots. These paragraphs discuss the merits of the high wing aircraft design.

Airplanes: Low Wing Aircraft

Low wing aircraft are the majority of both general aviation and commercial airplanes. This article discusses the benefits of the low wing design and compares it with its high wing counterpart.

Investing: Exchange Traded Funds Investment Strategies

Choosing exchange traded funds investment strategies is dependent on the investors goals and amount of analysis the investor is willing to do. Strategies can range from a simple, once a year re-balancing of a couple of ETFs to elaborate sector rotation programs.

Airline Travel: Safest Seat on Airplane

Going online to pick the seats for your next flight and want to know the safest seats on airplane? This article helps you pick the seats with the best survival rate if your air travel ends in an unplanned maneuver.

How to Sell Savings Bonds

If you have some U.S. savings bonds and you would like to convert them to cash, this article shows you how the bonds grow in value and how to sell a Series EE or I savings bond.