Tim Plaehn

Airshow Safety: Will the Reno Tragedy Change the Future?

The September 2011 crash at the Reno Air Races brought the safety at airshows to the front of national attention. I am a trained accident investigator, and though there are important lessons to be learned from the Reno tragedy they will not change the future of airshows.

Forex Trading Guide: Ten Ways to Learn and Improve Your Results

Almost anyone can start a trading program in the forex market. Here at Bright Hub, there are some excellent resources to help you understand forex and get started with your own trading program. This list of articles provides new and helpful information for traders at all levels of experience.

Treasury Yield Curve Explanation

The yield curve plots interest rates comparing rates with time to maturity. However, the yield curve is more than a simple graph. The shape and slope of the curve is an indicator of current and future economic conditions.

Trading Natural Gas Commodities

As one of the primary sources of energy, investors and traders like to have options to trade the changing value of natural gas. The different security markets offer several paths to trade natural gas. Using ETFs and the futures market, one can find an investment strategy to fit your trading goals.

Government Bonds: Types of Savings Bonds

U.S. savings bonds are a safe way to set up a savings plan with amounts starting at $25. However, savings bonds are not just for kids’ college savings plans. These can pay attractive, tax-advantaged rates of interest, prompting many investors to learn about the different types of savings bonds.

Investing Basics: How Bond Duration Works

Bond investing can become a little more complicated than checking yields and deciding whether or not to buy the bond or bond fund. Bond duration is a great analysis tool which helps an investor predict how a bond or fund portfolio will react to changes in interest rates.

What is Mutual Fund Load Cost?

Are you asking yourself “What is mutual fund load?” The terms load and no-load often come up in the discussion of mutual funds. While it is important for investors to understand the difference, it is also imperative to learn how the sales charges work.

Mutual Funds: Picking the Best Bond Mutual Fund

Financial news magazines and websites provide a large number of lists for the best funds in different categories. This article shows you how to pick the best bond mutual funds for your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Investing: Precious Metals IRA Investing

You have an IRA which is not making much money and you have heard about precious metal IRA investing. The profit potential from gold and silver is very good, so read on and discover a couple of ways to use your IRA for precious metals investing.