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Free Sci-Fi Fonts

If you have a desktop publishing project with a sci-fi feel, your choice of font can be key. These four free fonts will help you add a futuristic feel to your projects.

Free Lucinda Calligraphy Fonts

Lucinda Calligraphy is a popular font for desktop publishing projects: it can offer an extra element of elegance for projects such as invitations or certificates. But if you don’t have a copy of Lucinda Calligraphy — or you want something just a little different — these free fonts provide options.

Free Serif Fonts

Many desktop publishers use only a handful of serif fonts in their projects.These free typefaces can make your work stand out, make text more eye-catching, and perhaps even make your text better match the overall style of your project.

Free Times New Roman Fonts

Times New Roman is a font commonly used for setting long text because of its legibility. However, it can be an expensive font to purchase and it’s worth considering similar fonts that are free for your desktop publishing projects.

Free Dingbat Fonts

Dingbat fonts actually use typefaces as a way to insert small images into your text. Rather than using letters in the typefaces, these fonts use images instead. Dingbat fonts vary from symbols to portraits–there’s a dingbat font for almost any topic for which you have collected at least 26 images

Free Fixed Width Fonts

Fixed width fonts started out as display fonts; because each character has the same width, these fonts are ideal for displays of computer code, mathematical equations, or other technical information. They ensure the information is easy to read.

Free Sans Serif Fonts

There are a wide variety of free sans serif fonts available for your desktop publishing projects. In many cases, sans serif fonts are considered more modern, but you can find a sans serif font that matches any style you’re looking for.

Font Categories Explained

Fonts are categorized into several different groups, like sans serif or fixed width. Knowing these categories can make finding the font you need for a particular project much easier. This article explains terms like serif, dingbats, and script to make it a simpler for you to sort through fonts.

Free Chiller Fonts

You can add a bit of a scary touch to your desktop publishing project with the right chiller font. There are many fonts out there with just a touch of horror: the four below are just a handful of the free options out there.

Manage Your Skype Contacts: Make VoIP Easier

If you rely heavily on Skype, it’s easy to wind up with a long list of contacts — and no way to find just who you are looking for. These tips will help you get your Skype contacts under control, making it easier to use Skype for your home office phone calls.

Free Fonts for Professionals

The pros know it’s important to have fonts available that look classic. Whether you’re working on a project for yourself (like a resume) or on a project for your employer (like a memo), the right font can ensure you stand out.

Free Script Fonts

There are literally thousands of free script fonts you can use in your desktop publishing projects. The four fonts listed below give you an introduction to your options, as far as script typefaces go, ranging from fonts intended to look like handwriting to those meant to resemble classic engraving.

Free Basketball Fonts

With March Madness comes plenty of desktop publishing projects. Whether you’re putting together invitations for a watch party or running an office pool, having a few basketball-themed fonts can come in handy. These four fonts are free and you can use them in your desktop publishing projects.

Free Football Fonts

It’s amazing how many football-related desktop publishing projects you can come up with. From Super Bowl invitations to office pools, a fan can have a lot of fun and support a favorite team with just a few minutes at the computer. Having a couple of football fonts can help those projects along.

Free TrueType Fonts

TrueType is the most common font format for both Mac OS and Windows, and for good reason: it’s easy for any desktop publisher to install a TrueType font and start working on a project. These four fonts are just an example of the fonts you can find for free in the TrueType format.

Scanning Receipts with Shoeboxed

One of the biggest obstacles to keeping a home office organized is keeping receipts under control. With Shoeboxed’s scanning service, you can organize your receipts — and make them easier to use.

Five Best Websites for Free Clip Art and Graphics

Any desktop publishing project goes a little better with images. But using the same old clip art that comes with your software may get tired fast. You can find more free graphics and images you can use in your projects online — and add a little something special to your projects.