Thursday Bram

Why Use Your Google Profile?

By using your Google Profile, you can make yourself easier to find as well as choose how people can contact you when they’re looking for you online. You can also get better search rankings for your name than you might otherwise be able to manage.

Free Movie Fonts for Your Desktop Publishing Projects

When the opening credits for some movies start scrolling, you can tell instantly what you’re watching, without even knowing the name of the show. The easily identified fonts from shows can be perfect if you’re working on a desktop publishing project where you need to create a certain feeling.

How to Find Free Hebrew Fonts for Your Projects

Whether you’re working on a desktop publishing project for a Jewish holiday or you just want an Israeli feel, a font inspired by the Hebrew alphabet can help create the right design. While Hebrew letters are different than Latin letters, there are a number of fonts designed with Hebrew in mind.

Tips for Choosing the Right Fonts for Flyers and Brochures

There are plenty of templates out there that make designing a flyer for your small business easy—but finding the right fonts to use on your flyer can be harder. The typefaces are important: people must be able to read your flyer but you don’t want to use boring fonts that won’t catch readers’ eyes.

How to Create a Font Policy for Your Business

Something as simple as the fonts you use for business letters, brochures, and other business materials can play a big role in how professional your company looks. If you put a font policy into place, you can be sure that your fonts make your business look bigger.

Free Western Fonts

Need a little of the Wild West in your desktop publishing projects? There are more than a few typefaces that offer the chance to get your readers thinking of cowboys. These free fonts will introduce you to your options.

Free Initial Fonts

An initial font provides particularly ornate characters that can be used in desktop publishing projects to highlight specific letters or start a paragraph. If you’ve ever seen a book where the first letter of a chapter is extra-large and decorative, you’ve seen an initial typeface.

Free Sci-Fi Fonts

If you have a desktop publishing project with a sci-fi feel, your choice of font can be key. These four free fonts will help you add a futuristic feel to your projects.