Chris Orr

Information Security Vulnerability Assessment Tips

Vulnerability assessments allow companies and organizations to find the gaps in their perimeter and internal IT security. Measuring your current stance against a benchmark such as the Center for Internet Security allows executives to develop strategies to protect important IT assets.

Who Is At Risk for Credit Card Skimming?

Credit card skimming puts at risk everyone who uses a card at a restaurant or other retail location where you must hand it over to a staff member who then takes it out of your sight. Protecting yourself from skimming can be as easy as taking your card to a cashier instead of a waiter.

Virtualization 101: The Basics

Virtualization of servers allows companies to rapidly deploy more IT resources with a smaller carbon footprint than they could if they had to deploy the same number of physical servers. Where data centers might have previously held thousands of servers, only a few are required.

Vulnerability Scanning Methodologies

Vulnerability scanning methodologies provide IT security staff and administrators with ways to detect problems with a network before a malicious attack happens. Various types of scans and tools permit the administrator to know which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk to the environment.

Do Facebook Privacy Issues Put Your Business at Risk?

Over 350 million people and businesses use Facebook and other social media websites. Many of those people post information that might otherwise be considered private or confidential about themselves (and sometimes the places where they work). Do these employees place your business at risk?

How Much Video Memory Do I Need for Virtualization?

Virtualization is the means through which several instances of an operating system can run on a single hardware platform. Companies use virtualization to consolidate the number of physical servers in the data center. The IT admin must carefully size the amount of memory used by virtual machines.

How Secure Is a Smartphone?

The rapid proliferation of smartphones in the enterprise makes them an attractive target for hackers. E-mail, calendars and VPN access provide entry points into the corporate network. If you have to ask, “How secure is a smartphone,” you probably need to improve security.

Preventing Breaches in Data Security

Breaches in data security are avoidable. Defense in depth is a key component in protecting the data of an organization. Perimeter security, internal security and training for all employees mitigate the risk of breaches in data security.

What are the Different Types of Virtualization?

Virtualization is the ability of a server to run multiple instances of an operating system simultaneously. Each OS is unaware of the existence of the other guest operating sytems and runs as if it had sole access to the hardware. There are different types of virtualization depending on requirements.