Tips When Facing an IRS Audit & Missing Receipts

Proving your expenses for an IRS audit when you’re missing receipts may not be easy, but it can be done. They key lies in knowing where to start. You may need to collect affidavits from vendors you’ve purchased things from, and there’s some other legwork you’ll need to know about.

What are Some Tax S Corporation Tax Strategies?

The right S Corporation tax strategies can help you save money and avoid an audit. Learn about methods to avoid red flags with the IRS, and how to maximize your tax deductions. You’ll also want to know about negotiating tax settlements with the government.

What Are Typical Non-Custodial Expenses?

Figuring out non-custodial expenses is an important part of being a divorced or separated parent. The custodial parent often has a legal right to financial help from the non-custodial parent. Use this list to try to come to a reasonable agreement on expenses.

Top 4 Best Ways to Organize Household Receipts

The best way to organize household receipts depends on the amount of time and energy you want to put into it. Your options range from scanning receipts to save them on your computer, to using a simple envelope filing system. Consider these options to figure out which one is best for you.