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The Difference Between RAM and Processor Power

If you’ve been meaning to upgrade your machine, yet are unsure what to choose between CPU and RAM, read onwards for help. This article will provide information on what each component does and on the differences in performance as a result of these upgrades.

The Difference Between RAM and SDRAM

Terminology can often seem confusing, particularly for new computer users or for those looking to buy a part for upgrades. Here we explain the difference between two popularly used acronyms, RAM and SDRAM, and clear up any confusion you may have.

Best Home Theater PCs

If you are thinking of purchasing a Home Theater PC have a look at this article for brief information on some of the most popular systems. We also explain what a Home Theater PC is, how it differs from a standard desktop PC and why you would need it specifically.

How to Create a Blu Ray Movie

A step-by-step guide on how to burn a Blu-ray recordable disc with the free software Imgburn; the article also includes a link on where to download the software. This guide is simple even for beginning users, all you need to do is follow instructions. This article does not include how to rip a Blu-r

Best Outdoor Subwoofers – A Handy Guide

In case you are planning on movie-watching outside in your garden, or setting up a home-theatre in an open space, you would have considered a sub-woofer speaker. These enhance the cinematic experience (combined with a good surround set-up) and can bring you one step closer to a real movie theater.

Windows Live Messenger Webcam Hang

Some users have experienced this common problem with Live MSN, where they weren’t able to use their webcam properly as it led to the Windows Live messenger service hanging. This article offers some solutions and links for further reading.