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PDF 101: Using PDF Files in Windows

The PDF format is widely recognized by a number of users and online businesses, providing documents in an easy-to-use and accessible format. Should you have difficulty in creating, printing, saving or converting PDF’s, read Bright Hub’s guide on all things related to the format.

How to Use FL Studio: Creating Your First Song

If you are a budding producer or just a music hobbyist, and are looking for information about using FL Studio, read onward. This article will quickly get you to building your first groove, about a minute or so, without over-complicating matters.

Basic Audio Mixing Tips for Achieving a Balanced Mix

For the novice or budding producer here are some audio mixing tips for obtaining a balanced mix, getting your levels right, panning and ensuring a good signal to start with. The article also offers a little information on EQ’ing, and provides a link to a comprehensive article on the art.

Learn How to Loop an Audio Recording in Ableton Live

Here is an article for those who are new at using the loop recorder in Ableton Live 8. It shows how to record some audio, loop it, and then move onto the next recording. Once you learn about this process your will improve your ability to create great tracks or mixes with different flavors.

Useful Tips When Transcribing Audio

Here is an article for learning tips when transcribing audio, such as a transcript of an interview, or at a conference. This article should be helpful whether you’ve recently undertaken transcription work or are thinking of pursuing a career in this field.