Bruce Tintelnot

Tips On How to Build a Trading Plan for Forex

Building your own forex trading plan can be satisfying and rewarding. Money management methods are basic and a knowledge of fundamental analysis and technical analysis are “must haves” when devising a plan that you’re comfortable with. Acquiring good knowledge and skills are imperative.

The Downside to Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been around since the 1990s. Their advantages over mutual funds and for hedging have been extolled by many. However, there is a downside to exchange traded funds that investors should be aware of before investing in these low cost favorites of the funds industry.

Beginners Guide to Retirement Planning Fundamentals

If you’re thinking about retirement and don’t now the first thing about retirement planning, you probably want to know what the fundamentals are. This would be things like when is the best time to start thinking about it, do you need a budget, where’s the money going to come from?

Explain How do I Calculate a Stock Basis with Dividends

Investing in the stock market can be interesting and profitable but income taxes can’t be overlooked. How do dividends affect the basis of a stock? Find out about some of the different kinds of dividends and how they affect your income and your investment.

How Bond Market Prices are Determined and Calculated

Bond prices can involve many factors, but they you don’t have to consider them to be too arcane to be understood. Understanding basic terms like par value, premiums, discounts, yield to maturity, coupon rate, and accrued interest can go a long way in helping to understand the more complex concepts.

Hints and Tips for How to Invest in New Companies

Investing in new companies found by searching through market information or by other means can be somewhat problematic for various reasons, if not just because they have no history. Here’s some helpful information that can ease some of the difficulties.