Tarun Goel

Understanding Weather Systems: The Facts

Let us bring some sunshine into your life as this fascinating guide to weather systems sheds light on how different aspects of the weather are formed, why predictions are a lot more accurate than the technology is given credit for, and the importance of knowing what’s going on above our heads.

Is Ethanol in Gasoline Safe for Two Stroke Engines?

An exclusively ethanol two stroke engine is presently not possible. However ethanol blended gasoline can be used to run your vehicles. Find more about how and when to use ethanol blended with gasoline. Also know about what your company has to say about the compatibility of your vehicle with ethanol.

Is This the Right Time to Switch to LED Lighting?

Today we have various lighting options at our disposal, but the need of the hour is choosing the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective medium of lighting. Screw-in LEDs are poised to replace compact fluorescents (CFLs), but is now the time to make the move?

Answering a Cell Phone in a Meeting

In a meeting, you want to focus on the meeting only–but if you happen to receive an important call that you must answer, you should know the appropriate ways of answering cell phones in a meeting. Otherwise the outcome of the meeting could be affected by your behavior.

Top 10 List of Groupware Sites

The Groupware Technology has enabled people to save time and money by sharing resources, information and knowledge so that maximum productivity is achieved in minimum possible time. Here we have a list of groupware sites that mentions Top 10 Best groupware sites in the business.