Tara Duggan

Managing Performance Appraisal Issues

Managing performance appraisal issues allows a manager to asses an employee on his ability to complete job tasks according to the specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-constrained objectives defined for the previous year. Managers typically ask peers and clients to provide feedback.

Handling Employee Disciplinary Procedures

Employee disciplinary procedures, such as giving verbal warnings, completing warning forms, and documenting poor behavior allow managers to keep track of issues with difficult employees. The author provides good tips for handling these plus an employee disciplinary form available for free download.

Recruiting and Selecting Employees

When employees leave, use these tips for recruiting and selecting employees to replace the person. Managers should closely examine the job listing to evaluate the process they should follow to locate the best person to fill the role.

Corporate Layoff Procedures

Using these tips for handling corporate layoffs makes it easier for managers to implement necessary cuts. Company executives need to establish clear and legal Human Resources policies and procedures. Ideally, workforce reductions occur infrequently, so as not to demoralize the remaining staff.

Remote Worker Monitoring

Monitoring remote workers typically involves mandating the use of software tools that allow managers to ensure employees are available and working when they are supposed to be online. Use these tips for remote worker monitoring to manage productivity.