Tara Duggan

Bookmark This Guide to Nurturing Job Satisfaction

Nurturing job satisfaction typically involves accurately assessing employee needs, promoting effective programs that enable career development and ensuring workers have the training, resources and support to succeed on the job. Learn more in this must-bookmark guide!

Impact of Average HR Attrition Rates: Industry Trends

HR managers handling a global workforce must increasingly fill jobs quickly to meet demand. However, finding the right people to fulfill job requirements, keeping motivation levels high and supporting the workforce in completing repetitive work, is challenging. Fight attrition by analyzing trends.

Sample Manager Employee Coaching Scenarios

Exploring employee coaching scenarios enables managers to successfully prepare for establishing productive relationships with their subordinates. Effective coaching enables managers to evaluate an employee’s personality, identify morale-building strategies and establish trust.

The Impact of Leadership Theories and Organizational Change

Leadership theories and organizational change strategies enable leaders to improve processes and profitability. Managers lead by establishing standards and setting a good example. They communicate a clear vision, set strategic goals and motivate employees to produce quality products and services.

Impacts of Aging Workforce to an Organization

The HR impacts of an aging workforce includes labor shortages, knowledge gaps and the risk of age discrimination litigation. To avoid these problems, effective human resource professionals institute programs to retain talented workers, document competencies and evaluate personnel consistently.

Free Training Brainstorming Games You Can Use Now

Using brainstorming games for employee training exercises allows people to think about the instructional content in new ways. Training brainstorming games allows participants to contribute in a fast-paced group activity. These exercises also trigger self-reflection.