Sylvia Cochran

How to Choose Marketable College Degrees with an Eye on the Future

Today’s weird majors are the contract majors of yesteryear. Heavy on social consciousness, they nevertheless do not cut the mustard with employers looking for qualified candidates. Marketable college degrees must factor in changes in industry as well as the job market. How does your degree compare?

Guide to Surviving a Bad Job Market

Surviving a bad job market is made more difficult by entitlement program fluctuations and shifts in the unwritten rules that govern today’s job searches and recruitment efforts. Follow a carefully laid out path with plenty of signposts to find — and keep — gainful employment.

A Guide to the Nation’s Top Colleges for an Undergraduate Degree

Schools compete for tuition dollars. Where does a student find academic excellence? Depending on a learner’s unique needs, talents and interests, there is a large choice available. Who’s rated at the top, and for which degrees or fields of study? Check out this guide to the nation’s top colleges.